Episode Eighteen: Tricksters: Scene 22

My phone rang right as I left a shoot. Monica was there, looking surprisingly well.

It was Sebastian. “Hey.”

“Need anything?” Not that it was impossible that it was a social call, but Seb did rather tend to, well, make not social calls.

“Yeah. You free?”
“Just got out. We could do dinner?”

“Where’s your girlfriend?”

I grinned. “Studying. At my place. I’ll catch her for dessert.”

Seb’s response was shocked silence, then he seemed to recover. “Alright.”

“Also, I’m buying.”

“Not this time.” There was a grin in his voice. “Southern place?”

So, maybe it was good news for once. If Seb had money, then something was good news – he was as broke as I had been before I’d taken up modeling. Maybe he’d got a job. “Alright.”

We met there…the one in the mall basement, and I ordered the country fried steak. It was a good spot, and I settled into my seat more once the waitress had left. “So, you get a job?”

“Yeah. It’s only part time, but it works.”

Around here you pretty much needed two full time jobs to not be broke, so I figured he’d got something decent. Or he was still cribbing off the Father. “How’s Father William?”

“Recovering. I think he’s finally got it into his head that being a victim doesn’t make you a sinner.” Seb made a face.

“Good. I didn’t like seeing him like that. I don’t want to see anyone like that.” I meant it.

“He’ll be fine. Alright. So…I do need your help with something. For once, it’s not beating anything up.”

I laughed. “What do you need?”

“You and your model friends up to some charity work?”

I blinked. “I bet Monica would be.” And I could certainly find the time. “What’s the charity?”

“Children’s. My new boss.” Seb flickered a grin. “She’s rich, but not that rich, she wants to do a calendar.”

And now was the time to start putting one together. “Well, why don’t you introduce us and we’ll take it from there? Tell me she’s not a witch.”

“She’s a witch.”

I should have known.

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