Episode Seventeen: Taken: Scene 29

Once we had the evidence recorded, Mike helped me clean the place up. “It looked like they were hoping to find something else.”

I pondered. “Or just being thorough. I got rid of the fairy necklace.” The horn and the sword were the only things I had, and the sword wasn’t really magical. Just well designed.

Mike nodded. “I’ll get you another gun.”

“Thanks.” I knew that was risky, given DC’s strict gun laws.

“I can do it without getting in trouble far more easily than you can.”

“Or we can just go to Virginia.”

“Still can’t do it yourself.”

He was right. They’d have more sense than to sell a gun to me at this point. I was, after all, a kid. “Thanks.”

I let out a breath. “I should have taken it with me. One less thing for them to steal.”

“Where were you, anyway?”

“Went out with Kanesha, then rescued some idiots from the demon they summoned.” Pizza sauce. “I don’t think I’m going to want pizza for a while.”

“I won’t ask about the pizza.”

I grinned at Mike. “I’ll tell you later.” Whether he wanted to know or not. “In the mean time, I have to find these people.”

One of whom had my sword. I was sure Thea would lend me another one, but it felt like they’d taken something completely vital. Apparently I’d got attached to it without really noticing.

I called Thea while Mike headed back to the station with his new partner. “Thea, I got burgled.”

“They didn’t…”

“They got the horn and my sword.”

“I’ll lend you a spare, but we need to find that horn before Tyr does. He’ll probably smite them.”

I wasn’t sure I cared. They deserved a bit of smiting. “He can smite, but I’d rather he didn’t kill them. Mike needs the arrest stats.”

Thea laughed. “I’ll find you a loaner. They took normal police evidence, right?”

“Right. But I was hoping we could trace the horn.”

“You might have a better chance with the sword. You handled it more.”

I nodded. The next person on my list to call was Clara. I just hoped it wasn’t Tyz’vel.

No, I thought. This wasn’t his style. This was probably, as I’d first thought, artifact collectors.

It was probably even hunters.

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