Episode Seventeen: Taken: Scene 22

“Figuring some things out?”

“Am I going to make it home today?”

Loki laughed. “Are their brownies?”

“There’s a Kanesha.”

“Who’s still in the library. We have time.”

He had a good point. “Yeah. I’m figuring some things out. And you used even more wrong a word than I thought.”

He shrugged. “It fits at some levels. Not at others.”

“It doesn’t fit at all.”

“She made her choice. She can’t unmake it now.”
“Could I unmake it for her? If it turned out things went really south and I couldn’t protect her any more?”

He didn’t say that wasn’t going to happen. He lifted one shoulder. “Maybe. Not without hurting her.”

“I’d rather break her heart than have her get pulled down with me if something bad happens.” I glanced at him. “I mean…”

“Tyz’vel still giving you trouble?”

“Tyz’vel’s going to give me trouble until he gets bored with giving me trouble, and I think that’s going to take a while.”

Loki laughed. “Maybe, maybe not.”

“I actually promised I’d tell him who was protecting Monica if he’d tell me if he worked it out sooner.”

Loki mmmed. “Monica. I wonder if she’d be interested in a one night stand…”

I hesitated, then, “Maybe. I mean, you have to be better at it than Tyz’vel.”

For all of his arrogance, I suspected Loki took the time… And he was my dad and I shouldn’t think about him like that.

He caught my blush and laughed. “Like you weren’t considering those rooms at that brothel.”

“Like you haven’t used one of them before.”


Didn’t surprise me at all. But I wasn’t even sure what most of the “accoutrements” were for. “Let’s talk about something other than sex.”

“You’re a teenager,” he pointed out.
“And you’re a slut,” I tossed back.

He laughed again. “Alright, alright. How about brownies?”

“Only if we stop at the store. I’m out of mix.” And quite a few other things as well, now I thought about it. Enough that having an extra person would be a good thing.

Yes, I did make the God of Chaos carry my groceries.

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