Episode Seventeen: Taken: Scene 2

Black wings glided overhead as I headed for school – alone. Kanesha was calling in sick and I didn’t blame her.

Still, she was recovering. Thruor thought she’d be fine in a couple of days. Prue had called and said that Marie’s coven were setting up bomb disposal duty and I should stay clear.

I was fine with that. I figured the witches could be trusted well enough with it.

But I glanced up at the raven. “Hello, Hunin.”

“Munin,” it cawed back.

“Hey, I had a fifty fifty chance.” The raven settled to my shoulder. “I have a problem.”

“We know. Although it doesn’t have to be one.”

“Maybe if I hadn’t lost my memory I wouldn’t have actually fallen in love with her. I’d have kept my perspective.”

“She is not completely unworthy of you.”

I smiled at the raven. “Thank you. But I still worry now about…”

“About the fact that you may not be the best protector. Don’t worry. If anything happens to her, Odin will keep her.”

I relaxed. “Thanks. Because I have no clue what I’d do…if…”

“You will have your hall one day.”

I nodded. “But you can’t tell me when.”

“I’m not my brother,” Munin pointed out.

“I know. Do you have a memory for me?”

Perhaps he did, because I did remember. Green fields and at their center a city of sorts. Asgard. Not the shining city from the comic books, but not the more rural place I’d envisioned either. Odin’s hall. I smiled a bit. It felt right. “Thanks.”

“You will remember the rest when you have succeeded.”

“A reward?”

“No. The memories would get in the way.” And as if remembering he was Memory, the raven flew off.

“Okay,” came a voice. “That was far too cool.”

“Hello, Clara. Are you alright?”

She nodded. “They just tied me up and preached at me. Was that a raven?”

“Yes. Be honored he let you see him.”

She shivered a bit. “I am.”

Being honored by the gods probably did warrant a shiver. I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to induce one. Then again, I wasn’t Odin.

I would never have that much power.

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