Episode Fifteen: Legalities: Scene 25

And then, I got heckled on my way out of school. And I saw Tyz’vel out of the corner of my eye.

I closed my hand on the bottle of holy water I was carrying. I’d break it in his face if he gave me so much as half an excuse.

A quarter of an excuse.

“You like us to sleep with but…”

“Are you calling me a racist?” I turned to face the person. “Because I’m not. I know I can’t prove it.”

“All white people are.”

I considered that. “Well, I try not to be.” I sped up, walking past them.

“Not hard enough.”

I sighed. “Well, maybe not.” I knew some people thought it wouldn’t be trying hard enough, no matter what you did. And I knew I’d benefitted from being white.

Tyz’vel was now moving forward. He’d donned the form of a young black man. With too much bling. Talk about racist…he looked like a walking stereotype. “Leave her alone. She’s not responsible for what he did.”

I bit back what I wanted to say, and just stood there for a moment, a rescue heading towards me that I didn’t want. I wanted to tell him to outright go away, but it would look rude.

Instead, I just spun on my heel and walked away in a different direction. He followed me, of course. “Lose the bling. It makes you look like a bad version of that guy from the A Team.”

“I thought you’d appreciate a little bit more femininity. Would you rather have this?” He changed into a woman. With no less bling.

“Get the hell out of my life.” I wasn’t in any mood to be nice, or charitable, or play along with his games.

“I figure you need more Hell in it.”

“Go. Back. To. Hell.” I turned to face him. Or her. Or it. I was quite happy to denigrate Tyz’vel to an it right now. “Before I start causing you the trouble I’m planning.”

“You don’t have the power or the experience.”

I felt fire build up within me. I let it, lifting my hand. It felt easier this time, even though I hadn’t tried it since…since the shadow demon.

“Oh, now, that I wasn’t expecting. Beautiful.”

I grinned. “Care to find out if it burns demons?”

“I think not…this time.” And then he actually turned and left. Which probably meant he thought it would.

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