Episode Fifteen: Legalities: Scene 23

I shook my head. “I have my own apartment. And I’m filing for emancipation this week.”
The social worker studied me, then nodded. “If you can handle it.”

Like I said, they were glad to get us out of the system. “I can. I’ve been accepted into college, and it’ll be easier for me to get financial aid this way.” I paused. “I…was hoping…”

Her lips pursed. “I shouldn’t allow it. I’m supposed to find her a placement.”

“In a group home. Seriously…why waste the resources when I can pay the rent and food for both of us?”

“I could officially place her with a roommate and then turn a blind eye. Are you living together or just friends?”

I wanted to snap out, “Does it matter,” but she seemed reasonable. I let out a breath. “We’ve discussed getting engaged.”

“Good luck with that. Marriage is hard enough without society being against you.”

She had a point. “Thanks for not being part of society.”

She laughed. “Honestly, the thing I care about is getting kids out of the system, any way I can. We don’t have enough resources and we just had to downcheck three foster homes for various things.”

I grinned. “You’re too nice to be a social worker.”

“I try. I think most of us get…bitter. But most kids don’t have your luck. I saw your modeling income.”

A slight blush, I could feel it. “It’s harder work than people think.”

“I can imagine. And your…friend…wants to be a teacher. That’s one of the hardest of all.”

I grinned. “So…we’ll work something out.”

Sympathy and help. I wondered if my mother had something to do with it. Tyz’vel wasn’t the only person who could nudge and influence things.

I wouldn’t put it past anyone involved not to fudge the personnel thing to get a nice person assigned to our case. To give me that one little break.

I’d let Kanesha pick out some of the furniture. It was one little thing.
And we weren’t going to let Mike go to jail.

“Did he do it?” she asked abruptly.

“I’m sure he didn’t. Hopefully we’ll manage to prove that.” I let out a breath. “But nobody ever seems the type.” I knew he hadn’t, but I couldn’t bring this nice person in on things.

Tyz’vel might hurt her.

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